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Cimarron Firearms 1858 New Model Army .45 LC Single Action Revolver 6 Rounds 5.5″ Barrel Walnut Grips Blued Finish


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When it comes to nostalgic firearms and their historical significance, Cimarron Firearms makes some of the truest and best available. The Cimarron Firearms 1858 New Model Army is a favorite as an early example of the traditional cowboy action pistol. The 1858 New Model Army was introduced by Remington as one of the first handguns to accommodate the new self contained metallic cartridge that was still being developed at the time. This made it far more desirable than the cap and ball conversions being produced by most other manufacturers. Lawmen and armed citizens immediately recognized the durable nature and high quality of the Remington revolvers they needed to tame the Old West. It features two piece walnut grips and a sturdy easy to use bladed front sight. The 1858 is ready for Cowboy Action Shooting competitions or just some good ol’ target shooting fun. Regardless of why you need one or maybe you just want one, the Cimarron Firearms 1858 New Model Army is an excellent addition to your collection. Get your cowboy action fix with Cimarron.

Specifications and Features:
Cimarron Firearms 1858 New Model Army CA1004
Single Action Only Revolver
.45 Long Colt
5.5″ Barrel
6 Rounds
Blade Front Sight
Two Piece Walnut Grips
Blued Finish
Weight 2.56 lbs


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